11 Responses to “Puppies Gone Wild!”

  1. Leslie

    Amazed at the Kong chewer’s attention span! That is what I call dedication! He/She’ll either be great at following commands or completely ignore them and concentrate on whatever is the most interesting.

  2. sharon

    I laughed and laughed – have never seen a puppy so intent and content to chew on its toy while chaos reigned around it. My husband said, “That’s the one for us!”
    Seriously they are all so cute and I loved the little Tri terrorist. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Karen

    LOL too cute. The one poor pup just wanted to play with it’s toy, while the other two rampaged on top of her.

  4. Terry

    They are so cute. I think the Tri could be an Agility dog. She is in the tunnel and jumped over the other puppy :)


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