More holiday photos are rolling in. Enjoy! :)

This is Daisy Mae sitting all pretty and angelic while mummy played with the lights around her looking for the perfect photo-op.

Sheltie in Christmas lights

Very pretty, Sue!

Merle is ready for Christmas.
Sheltie in Santa hatWhat a good sport, Mary!

Shelby’s Golden Christmas.

Sheltie under Christmas tree

So lovely, Kathy. Love this photo!

Mackenzie has been good all year and is sitting for Santa.Sheltie getting treat from Santa Awe, Donna!

Hang on Daisy, cookies are coming!

Sheltie in Santa hat

Thanks to Beth!

9 Responses to “Sheltie Christmas Cheer!”

  1. Jan hunter

    What a treat seeing my favorite animals all decked out for Christmas!

    Daisy Mae looks like the perfect, gorgeous angel. The lighting is superb fot this little one. Handsome Merle looks like he would rather be having more fun than modeling. Love his coloring. Shelby is the perfect golden girl in her shot. How delicate she looks. Lovely Mackenzie looks like he or she has learned exactly how to pose and be oh so still! Daisy looks so lovely with her smile , her patient look, her lovely little teeth. Thanks for sharing these perfect angels with us!!

  2. Tina

    Such beautiful Christmas shelties!!!! I am really feeling the spirit now!!!!! They give me the biggest smile!!!! God Bless all of the shelties and their owners!!!!!!!!

  3. Jan Chapman

    Thanks for posting these pictures. They all show that Sheltie character that we all love so much!

  4. Barb Butler

    I love these pictures and this site. Will visit often! I have two Shelties myself and LOVE them so very much. Such happy and loving dogs! They are family not pets. More like my kids since mine have all grown up. These pics are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them!

  5. jo

    Wow, this is like a Walk of Shelties Beauty! They’re all so cuter & sweet, it’s impossible to decide which Sheltie I like best, so I’ll take them all! I hope Santa doesn’t have any trouble getting them all down my chimney on Christmas Eve…

  6. Sullivan

    1) Daisy Mae sure does make a cute little glowing angel, what a sweet, sweet face she has.
    2) Merle apparently is NOT in the Christmas spirit, I’m pretty sure that is a case of the Stink-Eye I’m looking at. Hang in there Merle, the cookies are coming!
    3) Shelby is beautiful, basking in the warm golden glow of the lights.
    4) Mackenzie has figured out just how to work Santa, sit pretty and wahoo, the baby gets a candy cane, and last but not least . . .
    5) little Daisy, look at those bright, excited eyes and that beautiful smile and I love the little teefies!

  7. Elizabeth

    I know that all dogs are really angels who’ve come down to live on earth to make us happy, BUT I still love the Sheltie angels the most. Sorry, but they just ‘touch’ me more. And I know there are so many other people out there who have their own special ‘kinds’ of canine angels so I don’t feel tooooo bad.


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