Ben is having a ‘little’ conversation with Santa.

Sheltie and Christmas toy

His Christmas list no doubt, right Rick?

Cody is doing his cute thing – in holiday style!
Sheltie and Christmas pillowWhat a sweet face, Candi!

Clockwise from bottom right is Pixie, Barkley, top left Checkers and Lacey.

Pretty Sheltie Christmas card

Posed perfect, Ann. Amazing! ;)

Little NCSR rescues Murphy and Hannah are ready for Santa! They even said they’d help pull his sleigh.
Cute Sheltie Christmas card

Anything for a cookie, Susan!

This is Prince he is 8 years old. He was adopted from Central Illinois Sheltie Rescue. Santa is holding a dog cookie and Prince is patiently waiting for it!

Sheltie and Christmas elf

Awe, Teri!

12 Responses to “Sheltie Christmas Goodies!”

  1. Kerry

    What a cute little bi-black, that Ben! They’re my favorite and you don’t see them often, so it’s such a treat for me! An adorable picture, too :)

  2. Susan

    I love looking at my guys (Murphy and Hannah) on SN as well as all the other fur babies dressed to the Nine’s for Christmas. Thanks for posting!

  3. Zoey's dad

    Really enjoyed seeing all of the holiday Shelties. They’re all good sports and so photogenic!

  4. jo

    A big thank you to everyone submitting their adorable Shelties for us to admire. They are all so cute & sweet, I’m enjoying getting my daily Christmas Sheltie fix first thing in the morning.

  5. Gloria

    Thanks for sharing all these Christmas Fur babies!
    I love having more than one awe moment in the morning!
    They are ALL so very cute…
    Merry Christmas to ALL!

    Keep those photos coming… 8 more days to go!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jan hunter

    All of these shelties are just gorgeous!! I love Ben’s black fur and the very
    intent way he is looking at Santa. Cody has a beautiful, sweet face and looks like many of my shelties from years past. Pixie, Barkley, Checkers, and Lacey are all simply stunning. Murphy and Hannah are the most adorable reindeer shelties with the cutest faces!. Congra tand thanks for rescuing these adorable ones. Hansdsome Prince looks very patient as he waits on his cookie. Thanks also and congrats on his adoption.
    I wish I could have each one of these wonderful shelties! Merry Christmas.

  7. Suzanne

    Thanks for posting all the holiday pictures! I love getting my Sheltie fix early in the morning. They all are just joyous!

  8. Sullivan

    The aw-w-w-w moments just keep getting better. All of these babies are beautiful, but little Ben is absolutely stunning and that little cutie patootie Cody is a doll.


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