Better than those Macy’s Holiday Windows any day!

Everyone should have a Cody under their tree!
Puppy under Christmas treeLucky you, Janice!

Oh Neddie is NOT having any of this tinsel stuff!Sheltie wearing garland

Merry Christmas, Michelle & Greg! :)

Beau is sitting pretty!

Sheltie and pointsettia

Yep, what a charmer, Teresa!

Is Linda peeking as your order her gifts online?

Sheltie and PC

Lucky you Emma; getting to take her to work!

Jenny, Hailey (the doxie) and Kenji get their Santa pic taken.

Shelties and SantaYou’re right Sue, it’s all in the accessories!

The problem was that the photo was being taking in the grooming room. Oh, no!

Shelties in winter scene

It still turned out great, Barb!

Sedona and Missy are waiting for Santa:)Shelties on bed under Christmas tree

Sweet faces, Carol!

3 Responses to “Sheltie Nation’s Holiday Windows!”

  1. Jan hunter

    Thank you to all the sheltie families who were so thoughtful to share their shelties with us. I loved each and every picture and each sheltie brought a smile to my face. Merry Christmas to all the shelties and their owners and to all who are fans of Sheltie Nation. Thank you Sheltie nation for giving us a forum to see other wonderful shetland sheepdogs.

  2. Joan

    These Christmas pictures have been absolutely precious. Too many “Awww” moments to count. I wouldn’t mind a puppy like Cody under my tree. And Neddie is shooting some major stinkeye to someone. Glad it’s not me. :) I get enough from time to time from my own little girl. All the others are just so huggable. Merry Christmas to all the Sheltie owners and the furbabies everywhere!!

  3. Sullivan

    WAHOO! More Christmas furbabies to enjoy. They are all just too cute and most such hams for the cameras and oh so patient with us humans and OUR silly antics!

    I would like to take this time to say MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of Sheltie Nation. My wish is that all of you have happy, wonderful memory filled and SAFE holidays.


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