Getting 10 shelties in costume to sit stay for this pic was certainly a challenge!

Joseph–Casey, Mary–Gwen,

The 3 wise guys–Sierra, Lady, and Munkin,

Angel–Ariel, shepherd–Mickey and Gus, sheep–Rio and Minnie.

Sheltie Nativity

Wait, what is this? Mickey is sticking his tongue out at the whole project!
Sheltie with tounge out
Hysterical photo, Pat!

17 Responses to ““Wise Man””

  1. Pat

    Several of these dogs are rescues, and most of them have performance titles. It took Marsha and me all afternoon to get this done. Marsha made all the costumes.

  2. Dianne

    Oh my gosh!!! Another huge Ahhhh moment to begin my day

    Absulutely awesome pics! I am still laughing and will save these , so anytime I feel a little down or bewildered during Xmas seasons, I will just open these up , and how can you help but smile,eh ?
    And little Mickey ..too funny!

    Thankyou all for sharing such cute and loving photo,s

    LOL and Happy Xmas season to each and all, and especially to all of our blessed little furry friends!

  3. Susan

    I couldn’t agree more. I think Pat deserves “Photo of the Year” for getting all ten to cooperate. Amazing!!!!

  4. jo

    This is so cute! I can’t even get one of my dogs to sit still, Pat succeeded in getting a whole 10 Shelties to dress up & pose! That is an incredible feat, and a sweet picture. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.

  5. Pat Monday

    This is like the painting of the dogs where they are playing cards – but these are actual dogs.

    Whomever is on the far left, that look just says it all.

    Merry Christmas to Shelties and their humans everywhere.

  6. Lisa (Panda's mom)

    I laughed out loud in hilarious amazement!!! I DO think Pat deserves a prize, too! This is the best–and funniest–pose shot I’ve EVER seen!!! Pat, how long did it take you to capture this?? I’ll bet it was several hours! Love it! 8-D

  7. Tina

    This is unbelievable. I can’t stop looking at this photo. I am amazed!! Merry Christmas to all the shelties!! :)

  8. Ann

    What a beautiful job, your shelties are so tiny ,love them to pieces .You did an great job with the pic .Way to cute and Mickey with the tongue sticking out .You must be a very patient individual .Great job.

  9. sharon

    Ha, ha, ha! Oh my this is a hilarious shot. Love Mickey’s expressing his opinion with his tongue. Really enjoyed this!

  10. Karen

    This picture IS incredible! I couldn’t get two shelties to dress up and pose! Thanks for the wonderful Christmas picture! Merry Christmas to all the shelties and their families!

  11. Joan

    Absolutely incredible to get that many lively Shelties dressed and sitting long enough to snap a picture. And a beautiful picture it is!!
    I had trouble just getting a stretch collar and Santa hat on my little girl. :)

  12. Kathy T.

    OMG.. These pictures had me laughing out loud!!! I LOVE the one with Mickey sticking out his tongue.. Priceless! That is some feat getting them to stay IN Costume for the shot! Nice work and thanks for making me laugh!!!

  13. Sullivan

    There is nothing you can say about this picture but WOW!! Pat, to get this shot, I’d say you have to be darn near genius! That’s right, this is a hysterical shot and since we know that all these little furbabies have such individual personalities, Mickey is just showing his right to voice his opinion!


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