15 Responses to “At the Hide-and-Seek Training Academy”

  1. Tina Bembry

    I teach 4 year olds in Sunday School. This is just like their idea of hide and seek. Come on over and we’ll play together!

  2. Mom of Naiche & Naruto

    Peacec all ,
    Ooooooh wow!! What a revelation !!
    My Naiche has always done the curtain
    hide thing,& it just cracks me up!! I said
    To myself,he just likes that wall but there are other
    curtains in the house he does that with too!!!
    I tell you Shelties are lil Fairy beings!!! Bless you
    all & all our Fur Lovelies!!!

  3. Jan hunter

    Tobey is adorable! I guess if he can not see us, we can not see him partially hidden by the cutain. LOL. This was an adoraable photo.

  4. Barbara

    Thanks everyone for all the nice comments~ Shelties are amazing dogs and each one has their own unique personality :) I especially love it when I see Tobey behind the curtains and I walk through the room saying, “Has anyone seen Tobey?” He watches for a short while and then comes from behind the curtains as if to say… “Here I am!”

  5. Tonya

    This has made my day! The collie I grew up with always did this, and I had totally forgotten about it until I saw this picture! Thanks for the smile and for sparking fond memories. :)

  6. Leslie

    Tobey just needs to get some+ lessons from Harry Potter about how to use his Invisibility Cloak. Then there’ll be no stopping him!

  7. Bill

    His personal sanctuary. My 11 yo male does the same thing. He can peek out but he thinks he’s hidden. Cute, cute, cute.

  8. Sullivan

    Give him time Barbara, Tobey will grasp the concept! We know he will get it on the next try, Sheltie’s are so smart that way . . . if not on the first try, certainly on the second one! I like his coloring, it’s very unusual, from this picture it looks like he is a combination sable / bi-black.


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