12 Responses to “Every Garden Should Have One!”

  1. Dianne

    Congratulations on your adoption of this little beauty..Many happy years
    together along with all the love and fun!

  2. Gloria

    Thanks all for the kind comments!

    Mr. Chance is the BEST dog EVER! His is the most kind hearted sheltie and just loves nothing more than to please me. We are so bonded to each other and I he has enhanced my life more than I can say.

    He is the poster dog for a rescue… showing that an adopted dog can give every bit as much love and companionship a person could hope for.

    Thanks to Cathy and Pam at PRECIOUS SECRETS SHELTIE RESCUE for giving him a second chance to be loved and spoiled! Mr. Chance thanks them from the bottom of his sheltie heart!

    Gloria & Mr. Chance

  3. Sullivan

    Chance looks like a real sweetheart. Congratulations to both you and Chance on the adoption. He knows he has just landed in the best win-win situation, not to mention that beautiful garden. Oh, and thanks Mom, I now have my own personal drinking fountain! Many happy years to both of you Gloria, we know this will be a great fit.

  4. Tina

    Chance is absolutely beautiful!!! I love his thick and dark coat! Just look at those sweet, adoring eyes. Thank you for sharing him with us to enjoy!!

  5. sharon

    Everyone should be so lucky as to have Chance in their garden! What a looker. I know you must love this boy to pieces. Lucky you and lucky him! :-)

  6. Jan hunter

    Chance certainly is one beautiful sheltie! He enhances the already beautiful garden. Thank you for sharing him with us. You and Chance are so fortunate to have each other.


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