Hmmm, what do you suspect happened next? Poor Ella.

Shelties playing in grass

Storm is a sneaky puppy, Pat & Clark!

7 Responses to “Incoming SNEAK ATTACK!”

  1. Dianne

    haah Me thinks that Ella was getting attacked by a little furry Storm

    They are so cute,, and little Ella didn,t have a clue as to what was about to happen! Love it!

  2. Tina

    This is so adorable!!! What cuties!!! I would love to have seen the attack!! These are two beautiful shelties!!!

  3. Barb Miller

    What a lovely shot of Sheltie play! They are 2 beautiful Shelties and I bet they have lots of fun together!

  4. Jan hunter

    This picture is so cute. Ella is just sitting there looking beautiful and Storm is about to attack! Storm is one little cutie who may set off a big chase or what I call “playing horsey” when my shelties romp facing each other with their paws around their partner.

  5. jo

    OMG this pic made me laugh! Poor Ella, mugging for the camera, all the while about to be ambushed by Storm. I can just imagine, WHAM, then the tussle & chase ensues. So cute, thanks for submitting.

  6. Sullivan

    My guess would be SOMEBODY is about to get a stern “talking” to! Storm will learn, as all the little babies must, some things just don’t work the way you planned them! Storm is a little cutie pie, and Ella is one beautiful lady. Looks like there is plenty of room for the zoomies that might have taken place after this sneak attack. Fun for you Pat and Clark, enjoy the antics of the little one, they certainly grow up way too fast.


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