This is me and Scotch on my wedding day.

He looks so happy to be there with me :) *tear* always my best friend!

Awe Stephanie, congrats!

Photo by Dawn Boyce Photography

16 Responses to “Little Man of Honor”

  1. Jaynie

    What a beautiful look of love and trust on both your faces! You’ve got a rare bond with your fuzzy guy. Congratulations!

  2. Jan hunter

    Best wishes for a wonderful marriage. Scotch is a perfect man of homor and so so handsome and sophisticated with his black tie!

  3. Kimberly Agzigian

    Congratulations Stephanie! Scotch is certainly a handsome boy and he looks very spiffy with his bow tie and Scottish Flag pendant. May you both have many years of happiness!
    ~ Kimberly

  4. sharon

    Awwww what a touching picture! You both look bright and happy. Congratulations and so glad you could share the event with your best boy! We were at a wedding once where the ring-bearer was an Irish Wolfhound! We thought it was great.

  5. Michele

    Congratulations Stephanie! Scotch is smiling because he’s so glad to be a part of your special occasion… what a cutie he is and mommy has him looking dapper! I just love his name too.

  6. jo

    Scotch is so handsome, what a bright Sheltie smile he’s wearing! Congrats on the wedding, too.

  7. Gloria


    What a great photo! Scotch looks so handsome too. He looks so proud of you.

    Gosh, I hope I will be lucky enough to find the man of my dreams that will accept my shelties as my family.

    Many happy years to your new family! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rosewyn

      Gloria dear, always keep that in mind. I have been married to a very fine man for 21 1/2 years, and while he doesn’t fully understand why my Sheepie Doggie makes me so happy, he has never questioned it. A person who loves and respects innocent animals will love and respect his wife as well :)
      Congratulations Stephanie! I wish you every happiness!

    • Jaynie

      Gloria, if he doesn’t like your Shelties or your Shelties don’t like him, RUN!

      My little guy hated most of the guys I dated. When he curled up in Steve’s lap and went to sleep, I knew he (Steve) was a keeper!

  8. Sullivan

    Congratulations Stephanie on your marriage, I wish you many long, happy years. Looks like you could not have had a better best man, and so-o-o handsome! (You sexed him up just enough for the ladies with his bowtie!)With that big wide smile, you can tell Scotch is having a great time and loving life right now.


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