Shelby has resolved to make as many snow angels as possible!

Sheltie rolling in snow

Shelby was dumped at the local shelter at the age of 12 when her people got a divorce. She was the one who made me a “foster flunkie” but I don’t have one regret 3 years later! She loves snow and will roll on her back & start making Sheltie Snow Angels any chance she gets.

Hugs to you, Lynn! She looks very happy!

15 Responses to “New Year’s Resolution”

  1. Laura

    Don’t beat yourself up for being a “foster flunkie”…..every few fosters, one just manages to take over a part of your heart and you can’t let go…..and after that happens, your foster IS adopted…So, in effect you did do your job!…We have fostered about 20 – 25 for varying amounts of time and adopted four….So, we understand!….

  2. Susan

    It’s okay to be a foster flunkie! We are too. Shelby is obviously over his previous life and thoroughly enjoying his new one. Congrats on opening your home to him.

  3. Nickie Clifford (Amanda's Mom)

    Lynn, you are indeed an “Angel” in disguise – and Shelby is a treasure. Inconceivable that anyone could abandon a little soul who at the age of TWELVE is essentially their child with fur. My husband and I were truly horrified. Bless you for your kindness (I am very-nearly in tears as I write this).

  4. Barb Miller

    Lovely Sheltie making snow angels! Lynn you are an angel for taking her in from the shelter!

  5. Maida Farrar

    Just have to add my thoughts too. This is a really beautiful little girl and story. Thank you for sharing with us. I can’t believe leaving a member of the family at a shelter at that age. I know Shelby is really happy she found you. I have rescued/adopted many senior Shelties myself and each has been a wonderful blessing in my life, with years of mutual love. I miss every one every day. Thank God for these terribly sweet little souls.

    Maida, owned by sweet Christopher, sweet Ritchie and my eight wonderful Sheltie angels

  6. Tina

    Stories such as this warm my heart so much!! Shelby is so cute!!! I love all that Sheltie fur!!

  7. sharon

    What a wonderful picture, and reminder, that senior Shelties know how to enjoy life. Big thanks to you for welcoming this little girl into your life and home. I am sure it was win-win.

  8. Dianne

    AWWW she is so cute .. and she is so lucky for you to have found each other..LOVE IT ! And bless you for having such a big loving heart

    I too couldn,t be a foster mommy as couldn,t let them go! LOL

  9. Bobbie

    Extra BIG hugs to you for not only adopting but for adopting a senior! Yours and Shelby’s story brought a tear AND a smile to my face :)

  10. Christine

    What a great story to start the New Year. Super photo. I proudly own two rescued senior Shelties. I agree with the previous statements … shame on the original owners and God bless Ms. Lynn.

  11. Jan hunter

    Congratulations to you, Lynn on obtaining Shelby! You are both winners to have each other. Thanks for sharing Shelby’s joy in the snow with us. She looks like a real cutie with lots of spunk.

  12. Gloria

    Yes Lynn,

    That is why I could never be a foster…I would be a “foster flunkie” too!
    But, have adopted 5 so far.

    Shelby is one cute pup. Thank God she ended up with you. Thanks for making her life happy and treating her as a treasured member of the family. We ALL appreciate your care and concern for this little soul!

    Great way to star the New Year at Sheltie Nation!

  13. Sullivan

    WOW Lynn, what an absolutely adorable furbaby Shelby is and you were so fortunate to adopt her. SHAME, shame, shame on her other “parents”. At the age of 12, I can only imagine how frightened this little girl must have been.

    At age 15, she still has the most adorable little wiggly butt and looks like she is having just way too much fun . . . GOOD FOR HER! I wish you lots of Sheltie kisses and hugs from this little stunner for many more years to come.


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