Sparky and Skipper take time out on Saturday morning after waking the family with three rounds of wrestling on the bed.

sparkskipSo not fair, Steve!

16 Responses to “Now That You’re Up, We Will Nap.”

  1. Jan hunter

    This is such a precious photo. Both boys are just gorgeous and look so innocent. I bet they have a great time together. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Margie Sheffel

    YES!!!! That is EXACTLY what happens at our house. They look so adorable when they are sleeping. :-)

  3. sharon

    Isn’t that just the way? Our girls do basically the same thing. Nice photo of two snuggly, comfy dogs!

  4. Kimberly Agzigian

    Sparky and Skipper are simply following that age old adage “Never let a sleeping human lie” – job well done! They are beautiful shelties! May you all have many years of happiness together!


  5. Robin

    This looks like at our house!! They wake me up for breakfast and then back to sleep for them!!!!! They live a charmed life!!!!!! And they bless our lives!!!!!

  6. Jacynthe

    I love how happy and peaceful the beauty on the left looks! :) My 2 babes never cuddle like that…. I think they get too hot with the heat on at floor level to be anywhere near each other.

  7. jo

    I’m guessing that Sparky & Skipper are tuckered out from all that wrestling & really need their naps!

    They sure look peaceful, hope nobody retaliates against them by making too much noise-for their underhanded (underpawed?) tricks to get the bed to themselves .

  8. Gloria

    Sparky and Skipper are too darn cute when they are sleeping!

    Too bad they are not aware they need to sleep in until the family is up!

    Oh well, gotta love them amyway!

  9. Sullivan

    They look so-o-o innocent just lying there! 3 rounds of wrestling? That was just their bed clearing routine so they would have plenty of room to stretch out, and you fell for it! Boy, have they got your number, but something tells me you really didn’t mind. You want them to join you? Lay down on the couch for a nap, within minutes they will be right there with you.


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