9 Responses to “Read Me a Story, Pweeeze”

    • elizabeth harrison

      Very Adorable I lost my sheltie last year do to a horrible accident but get a new fur baby in a couple weeks a sheltie and will share them. Love this so beautiful they are precious too.

  1. Tina

    What a precious sweetie with his reindeer. This photo just melts the heart. Cooper is a beautiful sheltie indeed!!!

  2. Dianne

    Cooper is a little beauty! As are all Shelties..Thamkyou all this morning for another Ahhhh day!

  3. Jan hunter

    What a delightful armful your little Cooper is! He is so beautiful and looks so sweet. I know you love holding him and that he adores being close to you. Thank you for sharing your sheltie baby with all of us who adore them so much.

  4. Donna

    We have a saying in our house, “You can’t be mad or sad when you’re snuggling a Sheltie.” Cooper is a beauty!

  5. Sullivan

    Denise, thank you and Cooper for giving me my Monday morning AW-W-W! I just sat and starred at this precious little soul. I can’t think of a better way to start the week than with a wonderful, happy, content furbaby, all snuggled in Mom’s arms, ready for an afternoon nap and you can tell by the eyes that will only be minutes away. My guess is, this is the new “boss” of the domain, after all, we ALL bend to these little souls every wish and command.


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