6 Responses to “Sheltie Girls Just Want to Have Fun!”

  1. Tina

    This is hilarious. These cuties are so cooperative. My sheltie would never tolerate playing dress up. Thanks for the laugh!!! Beautiful dogs!!!

  2. Dianne

    Just waiting fo Mom to put on our Grass Skirts so we can do the HULA !!!

    So cute!..lol

  3. sharon

    Hahaha… I be there’s stink eye under those glasses…. hope the cute party girls had a good time!

  4. Jan hunter

    Delilah and Rose sure do look like party girls. What wild sunglasses they have on! Send us another picture so we can admire their eyes which I am sure are gorgeous.

  5. Sullivan

    Mary Ann, thanks for my LOL moment to start my day! You’re girls are all decked out and I’ll just bet they have more offers to party than they know what to do with, after all, who wouldn’t want to party with a couple of good lookin’ babes such as these? Come on baby, let the good times roll!


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