12 Responses to “That’s No Couch Cushion!”

  1. Jan hunter

    Robbie is a beauty! Shelties sure can sleep in some strange positions. Thanks for sharing him with us. His fur is so gorgeous.

  2. Zoey's dad

    Not a worry in the world. The way it should be for all Shelties (actually, every living thing – except snakes!)

  3. Margie Sheffel

    Our Allie is pretty sure we bought the new couch just for her. Occasionally she allows us to occupy the couch, but she will give us a look that says…”how dare you?” LOL

  4. Dianne

    Oh little Robbie..You are the cutest little furry angel! Sweet dreams little guy!…lol

  5. Ann

    I would love to cuddle up with Robbie any day. He sure looks comfy and cozy. What a cutie!

  6. jo

    I hope Robbie doesn’t get a crick in his neck from sleeping like that! He sure is cute too.

  7. Bill Ong

    Wow! What a cutie. Bet he’s a lover. We can’t even get ours on the couch or to stay there if I lift them onto it. Rescue dogs are hard to figure sometimes.
    Bill – 3 Rescue Shelties in Northwest IN

  8. Sullivan

    Look up couch potato in the dictionary and you will see this picture of Robbie! LOL And what a cutie he is John, even in sleep there is a hint of a smile . . . that would be the true meaning of contentment! What more could a “dog”, (I use the term loosely because we all know he doesn’t think he is one), ask for?


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