12 Responses to “The very definition of ‘Cute’”

  1. Brittany

    I just fell in love a little bit. What a great looking dog. That Sheltie stare is so intriguing and entertaining.

  2. Gloria

    You are one cute pup! That sweet face is just the sweetest! Such a fluffy coat just waiting to be hugged!

  3. Pat Monday

    Looks front, left and right, and repeat. Work that camera, make woof to it!!

    Dang cute indeed.

  4. Susan

    What a sweet, sweet Sheltie face. Our Murphy has markings very similar to Toby’s. We should get them together for a video Part II!

  5. Barb Miller

    It’s there now … nice video! Toby is a sweet Sheltie and very well behaved for the video! The very definition of cute indeed!

  6. Gail

    OMG, classic sheltie beauty. I just wanted to crawl thru the computer and give this sweet baby a hug and a bunch of kisses.

  7. joanna

    Right after you say, “You’re the best dog ever.” Toby looks as if he is thinking, “I AM the best dog ever!”

  8. Sullivan

    Your little Toby sure is a cutie and doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. Such a pretty face and a beautiful full coat, from the looks of the back ground I saw, he is going to need it!

  9. Debbie

    Today’s Sheltie Nation – 1-28-13. There is no image of Toby’s little face shown – not on the website or in the email. Broken link?


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