10 Responses to “You Too Could Be This Cool”

  1. Jan hunter

    Duncan is a beauty. Send us a picture sometime so we can adore his beautiful eyes. Those glasses are hiding him too much. I guess he is going incognito!

  2. Tim15856

    Between the picture and caption, Duncan says: “Sup, Sheltie Nation?”

    It made me LOL.

  3. Gloria


    Hysterical… and NO. No one could be as cool as Duncan!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for beginning my morning with a belly laugh Beth.

    Can not think of a better way to start the day.

    WONDERFUL photo.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sullivan

    OH Beth, Duncan has me ROFL! THANK YOU so much for making my day all the better for having your beautiful furbaby in my face! This handsome fella is just too cute for words and I bet a lot of swag in the walk! I can see it is a laugh a minute at your house.


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