This is my new baby Sheltie, Bastian.  

We are having heat wave conditions in Queensland at the moment, and this is Bastian’s way of keeping cool.


Baaaaad Bastian, Traci! ;)

24 Responses to “Hey, It’s a Dirty Business…”

  1. Rachael

    he looks like he’s been sneakily eating mud pies haha :) now that you’ve caught him he’s like “You want one too??” love this picture! thanks for posting :))

  2. joanna

    I remember the days of a muddy Shelite puppy! I kept a bucket of water by the back door so I could dip her feet before she came into the house. Good times. Adorable puppy.

  3. Jan hunter

    What a little doll Bastian is! I have never seen a sheltie do that before but it seems like it would alleviate heat. I think Bastian is going to be a lot of fun and do some unique things. keep sending us his photos. This was so funny and cute!

  4. Jan hunter

    He is such a little doll! I have never seen a sheltie do this before but it makes sense. I have the feeling bastian is going to teach you alot. Please send us more photos of your adorable puppy.

  5. BarnBell

    Bastian is very cute. What is his breeding? He looks a lot like our boy and we are also in Qld.

  6. Peggy

    He is so cute! I just want to play in the mud with him! My male loves to get into mud and dirt too, while my 2 females seem to avoid it!

  7. jo

    What a cute little rascal Bastian is. But those paws, oh my! I’m guessing he didn’t get to come inside like that? I predict the next thing he met was a hose to wash him off.

    I like his foxy face, it’s nicely set off by all that mud ;) Traci, you have your hands full now, Bastian is going to provide years of entertainment.

  8. Judy

    Oh my! Looks like trouble to me…but of the cutest kind! Enjoy your liitle boy, He’s adorable.

  9. Debbie

    Oooh, somebody needs a bath! Be glad he’s still got puppy fur, instead of the adult’s double coat (which takes forever to dry!!)

  10. Ron

    That’s very smart: you now have no choice but to cool him down further by hosing him off!

  11. Dianne

    hahahaha Love it !!!

    Bastion is having a great time making mud pies! And…mama is going to be busy cleaning up the aftermath!…lol

  12. Gloria

    Oh my, Traci you have a bath in store for little Bastian!
    But, I have to admit, he looks very cute sporting his mud facial!

  13. Zoey's dad

    Ours seem to head straight for whatever mess happens to be in the yard. They have a special “dirty paws” radar.

  14. Sullivan

    My goodness Traci, where to even start!! First, thank you for sharing what I know is going to be best laugh of my whole day. The look in Bastian’s eye’s seem to say, “What? Doesn’t everybody keep cool this way? A puppys’ gotta do what a puppys’ gotta do!” Being the new kid on the block, you’ve really got to make those first impressions count. I’d say with this furbaby Traci you are going to need patience, lots of patience. Lots of long happy years with your new best friend.

  15. Elizabeth

    What a beautiful baby — Even with some mud!!! And trust a Sheltie to be independent enough to try to figure his own way out of a heat wave — Even if he’s a baby :-)

    Hope your weather takes a turn for the better ASAP! “Me” and my Sheltie baby live on the Gulf of Mexico in the U.S., and I know firsthand that Shelties are not fond of hot weather.


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