7 Responses to “I COMPLETELY disapprove”

  1. Nickie Clifford (Amanda's Mom)

    Oh. My. Word. Piper is a precious little pixie (I realize I resorted to alliteration – but it’s true!;) What a cutie.

  2. Michele

    Piper is sooooo cute – love that beautiful white blaze… photo is cute… captions are cute!!! I laughed out loud too when I read what’s written on the toy!

  3. Jan hunter

    Piiper, you have the most precious, lovely face! I bet you are one special sheltie. You look like you could be a relative of our older sheltie named Tory. Enjoy Piper’s antics. I am sure Piper will teach you alot>l

  4. Sullivan

    Such a cute, angelic face . . . I would fall in love all over, every day. Those two little black tipped ears pointing straght up look like Sheltie radar, maybe looking for the duck to come “waddling” by! Poor baby, we all know Piper NEVER gets any attention, LOL . . . believe that and I’ve got a bridge for sale! Lucky you, Debbie and William to get to look into those soulful little eyes every day.


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