8 Responses to “Izzie Gets a Book Deal?!”

  1. Helen Stroud

    Izzie Stroud has her own Facebook page,if anyone
    Cares to “like”it! She has always loved the camera,she is
    smart( of course), and she loves to dress up and pose!
    Izzie is a theatrical dog….what can I say!

  2. Dianne

    haha My, Izzie…….. you really have got talent…Besides being so pretty.. We would all love to read that book when you have finished..LOL

  3. TINA

    What an absolute cutie!!! Izzie’s work space and chair is a lot nicer than mine. How did you ever get that paw to stay put for the photo???? Great shot!! :)

  4. Bobbie

    I have no doubt that Izzie can write a book even better than mine about how wonderful, smart, and talented Sheltie are :)

  5. Sullivan

    What a doll Izzie is. Is there anyone of us at SN that doubts for one second that Izzie is smart enough to write that book, even using that cool old relic of a typewriter? She has such a nice, soft, comfy place to work, looks like she can work for hours undisturbed and when the mind goes blank, all Izzie has to do is stare up (or down!) at tha beautiful art work to be re-inspired. Leave her alone long enough Helen and Izzie will bang you out a bestseller in no time.


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