Morgan looks like she wants the white stuff to keep falling instead!


Lovely photo, Chris.

9 Responses to “No sun, go away!”

  1. Chris

    Thanks all! Morgan was certainly a gorgeous dog. And probably one of my favorite pictures of her.

  2. Pat Monday

    Shelties love it when the snow is so cold it’s blue. Special moments. If only they could learn to use the shovel properly instead of barking and chasing after it! I could use the help!

    Morgan is gorgeous.

  3. Barb Miller

    Morgan is gorgeous! Her smile looks a bit mischievous and her colouring is brilliant against the snow!

  4. jo

    Morgan is a very pretty girl, gazing up at the sun. Enjoy that snow while you have it Morgan, soon spring will be here & there won’t be any more snow for a long time….However, there will be fresh yummy grass to chomp on!

  5. Sullivan

    What a cool picture of Morgan! This is a sweet looking little furbaby and that smile is killer! That is such a sweet expression on her face, almost like she is saying, “OK, what’s next?” Morgan is sure making good use of that big bushy winter coat.


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