Thomas and Madison are loving their first time on the beach!


 :) Shari

8 Responses to “Sea Smiles!”

  1. Jan hunter

    Thomas and Madison are very handsome beach boys! I hope they had a wonderful time at the beach.

  2. Michele

    What beautiful Shelties & what a pretty photo. Looks like a lovely day for all at the beach!

    Thomas & Madison have a nice mommy to take them on a such a fun outing!

  3. Sullivan

    Thanks for sharing Shari, your bi-blacks are gorgeous. Look at those big grins they are both sporting, as if to say, “Ain’t life grand?” Enjoy the beach babies.

  4. Dianne

    What two beautiful Shelties…and I can bet that they had the time of their lives on their first fun day at the beach!


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