George (the Silky) and Laddie are best friends. They’ve been together since they were pups.

They rescued us nearly 10 years ago, and they often sleep in this configuration we call the “Two Headed Napmonster.”


LOL Beth, George has the best pillow!

9 Responses to “Sleep Hug”

  1. Susan

    This is the CUTEST pic I’ve ever seen! Love how they seem to hug each other. Thanks to opening your home to these two. They know they are loved.

  2. Rachael

    awww so cute! i hope that my sheltie does this with our cavalier king charles spaniel when i finally get him!

  3. jo

    So cute! But when I first looked at this pic, I had to let my eyes ‘unfocus’ for a second, it was like a Rorschach image! They’re so sweet cuddled up together for a long winters nap.

  4. Tina

    Such sweet babies!!! Don’t you just love it when they are sleeping deeply? They seem so innocent! Beautiful dogs, Beth!! :)

  5. Jan hunter

    Thanks for sharing your goegeous doggies with us. It is difficult to tell where one begins and another one ends. At first I thought there were three of them. I am so glad they love each other so much and enjoy being curled up.

  6. Sullivan

    Goodness Beth, do they even let you in? LOL That is a really darling picture and I had to look for a few seconds to figure out who was where. Laddie is a find looking furbaby, I love the tipped ears, George is a little cutie too. Since you said they rescued you almost 10 years ago, they are in the Senior group, but neither one of them look like it, guess they have helped to keep each other young. Here’s to many more years with your “Two-Headed Napmonsters”.


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