Andie says: “Pucker up mom!”


Ozzie is waiting patently, but seems to be taking the kissing booth way too seriously, Kate. ;)

9 Responses to “Smootchy Wootchy!”

  1. Jan hunter

    Yhese two shelties are so handsome and look like great smoochers! I bet you have a happy home with them. Thanks for sharing the cute picture of the kissing booth.

  2. TINA

    What a sweet picture! Andie and Ozzie are beautiful and I love the look on Ozzie’s face. I want kisses, too!!! :)

  3. Bobbie

    So cute!!!! I’m away from my sheltie boys right now, and I would give anything for their kisses :)

  4. Sullivan

    Now that’s a line I would stand in all day . . . and I’ve got my money ready!! Kate, Andie and Ozzie are just too cute, with those looks they will make a fortune. From the looks of these two characters I bet there is lots of fun at your house, never a dull moment. Wishing you lots more long, happy years with your furbabies.


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