Lily is looking for her forever home. She has diabetes and requires a little bit of extra tender loving care, but you wouldn’t know she has it.

Her real issue is a serious case of cuteness, just look at that face! She comes to us from Collie and Sheltie Rescue of SE Virginia.


 Hugs to you for fostering her, Brent and Jenny!
I hope the Sheltie Nation members can find her a home!

12 Responses to “Virginia Sheltie Rescue: Lily”

  1. Jenny Adams

    I’m so glad to hear about the interest in Lily :) I have already started composing a response, but work has been busy! (I work on an inner city ambulance, so sleep is precious). I am finishing my last night shift, so I will send them tomorrow. She is a great girl and we are happy to have her, but her perfect match is still out there. And don’t forget to contact Collie and Sheltie Rescue of SE Virginia directly to start the application process.

  2. Dianne

    I live in British Columbia,Canada and if it wasn,t so far away, I would definitely take her ,but cannot do so…Reading above I see Deanna,s entry and God Bless her….
    Again thanks to Sheltie Nation for many many issues .photo,s ect, and also to all of us here that have so much love and caring for our Shelties and all furry friends out there.
    Sometime we all share some tears,but so much of the time we open up our emails to see these beautiful little furry friends with such love and little grins on their faces.

    Lots of love to you all

    • Deanna Winik Kunz

      Thank you so much for the links Gloria…….I have already read them….but would like further info regarding her health issues…so am hoping that I am emailed so that I can start a dialogue with those who are currently caring for Lily…..she is such a sweetie….and deserves all the love and proper care……once again, TY for the above links!!……:)

      • Kelly

        Hi Deanna,

        I have reached out to Lily’s foster parents to let them know of your interest. I hope that they will be contacting you very soon! :) If you do not hear from them via email soon, please let me know and I will follow up.

      • Jenny Adams

        I will be sending you more information tomorrow. Thanks for your interest :)

  3. Deanna Winik Kunz

    She is so beautiful… interested in adopting…would LOVE to know more about her….and her needs….she would be very loved here…and we have another Senior Sheltie…..I’m sure that they would become fast friends….as she is missing her friend Willy (in profile pic with green bow) who crossed last Nov.3rd…..hope to hear from you!…..?

  4. Karen Harlan Goforth

    Lily, I wish I was able to adopt you. I pray that you’ll find that forever home you so richly deserve!

  5. Bobbie

    Oh, you are such a special girl in SO many ways, sweet Lily! Someone will adopt you soon, I just know it!

  6. Gloria

    Sweet Lily… I hope you find your forever home soon! With a face like yours and those sweet melting eyes, someone is out there ready to give you your forever home.

    My rescue boy Chance has a thyroid problem and needs medication daily. It is a small action required by me to give him 2 pills a day. When you have the love, companionship, and devotion of a rescue sheltie you realize the blessing they can bring.

    I pray someone on Sheltie Nation will come to your rescue soon!
    Many thanks to Brent and Jenny for fostering her.

  7. Sullivan

    What a sweet face this baby has, you sure have a hard time telling that she is 10 years young. As I live many miles from Lily, it is impossible for me to comsider, but we all know it won’t take long for somebody to grab this baby up and give her her new forever home. Good luck to Lily, sending lots of hugs and kisses your way.


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