8 Responses to “Oh, So That’s How They Do It”

  1. Jan hunter

    What beautiful shelties these two are! They would be difficult to say “no” to with their beaut5iful eyes and sweet expressions. Thanks for sharing these lovely shelties with us.

  2. Bobbie Pyron

    ADORABLE names and ADORABLE puppies!!! I sure couldn’t say no to them!

  3. Dianne

    What a cute picture of your two shelties…I love the backward tilt of
    Kaedence,s little head, and Nibblin,s blotch of snow on his little black nose

    I think I also see a stick there on the ground waiting for you to toss????
    Another morning Ahhhh moment for me today….lol

  4. Ann Marie

    I love this site! Beautiful babies to make me smile every morning! Thank you, Kelly!

  5. Sullivan

    What two cuties Nibblin and Kaedence are. Judging from the looks in both their eyes, they have the “prett-t-t-ty please, just a few more minutes Mom” look down pat. I agree, I bet it works every time, at least it would for me because I’m such a softy with the furbabies, but then who of us isn’t? We know it is their world and they are just letting us visit and since we can reach the cookie jars, they let us stay!


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