Sparky: “This is why I love having a brother.”
pillowpalsSkipper looks pretty comfy too,  Steve. ;)

15 Responses to “Pupillow”

  1. Jan hunter

    Sparky and Skipper must be having so much fun together. I love to see them all snuggled up. They are beautiful brothers.

  2. Gloria

    Sparky and Skipper are just too darn sweet!
    You just want to snuggle up next to them.
    So much love and contentment… we know Steve that you provide that!

  3. Dianne

    Two gorgeous little Shelties all snuggled ..Sparky and Skipper a two beautiful little furry balls….. Love the photo…lol

  4. Susan

    Ahhh, this photo makes me remember our first three Shelties. Two of them would nap back to back on our living room floor even though they had cushy dog beds and the sofa. Our newest adoptee Hannah has taken to napping against our Bentley-boo and I just smile.

  5. Valerie

    what a beautiful photo. it takes me to such a peaceful place. thank you for sharing!

  6. Tina

    Now this is true brotherly love!!! These babies are too cute. You have two beautiful boys, Steve!!!!

  7. Sullivan

    “Don’t worry Bro! I got your back!” Every one so calm and peaceful, with two in the house I’m betting this is not always the case. Steve, Sparky and Skipper are two very handsome young men. I bet these two keep you laughing all day with their Sheltie antics, lucky you.

  8. Elizabeth

    Awwww, How lucky you all are — Steve, Sparky AND Skipper!!!

    Steve, To know that you’ve kept these loving brothers together all of their lives and had the pleasure [And responsibility — Not a small thing ] of having them BOTH in your life, and Sparky [Please ‘jump’ two paragraphs — I’ve inserted a couple of questions ;-]

    [Is Sparky a deeply shaded sable or a ‘Tri’? I think I see a mask yet there seems to be some ‘kind of’ tan ‘spots’ above his eyes]

    [OK — How many complex phrases could I throw into one ‘sentence’?]

    and Skipper, To having each other forever, and then coming to your forever home with Steve to make a very happy family!

    Makes me wish I had Millie’s siblings w/us although I’m not sure we could have withstood that onslaught! One of her brothers had already been named Chaos by the time she came into our lives. And M proceeded to add a lot of chaos to our lives. If it fit [or could be bitten down to fit] into that baby mouth, it went in. And then she would run ASAP to us for relief — Confirmation of her intelligence to seek us out in times of trouble, but her joyful recklessness as a puppy.

    Thank you, Triple S Guys, for the view into your lives. Hope you share more of your pics!


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