14 Responses to “Seriously, I Have to Wear This Thing?”

  1. Jan hunter

    Tiffany is a pretty girl! Although the hat is cute, I think her lovely ears and head are prettier without the head covering!

  2. sharon

    Tiffany, your mom has good fashion sense, even if you don’t seem too keen on the hat! A very beautifully marked and sweet looking girl.

    My girls would have had that hat off in nothing flat!! LOL!!

  3. Tina

    Oh, what we shelties do for our people!!! :)
    This is such an adorable photo.. look at those eyes and that little mouth!! Tiffany, you are one beautiful sheltie!!!

  4. Mignarda

    That’s by far the cutest little Sheltie I’ve ever seen! And she even looks like a girl!

  5. Nancy (Bailey, Chloe & Dreamer's Mom)

    Tiffany is adorable sporting her snow hat! She is beautiful – love her expression. I always wanted a tri too!

  6. Susan

    So adorable. Hope my four don’t see this photo cause they’d all want me to make them a hat too.

  7. jo

    Did Tiffany put her head down & pull that hat off 30 seconds later? I’m guessing she did. She sure is pretty, hat or no hat!

  8. Bobbie

    The things they put up with from us, and love us anyway! I’m sure it’s nothing a cookie won’t cure, though ;) Lovely lady!

  9. Gloria


    Especially that expression on sweet Tiffany’s face. Great name for a precious sheltie. What a lovely sweet look she has. I have always wanted a tri and she is a beauty. She would be welcome in my home anytime Mae!
    Give her a BIG HUG AND KISS for being so patient and wearing the hat just to please you. She could not look any better sporting that cute hat.

    Thanks for beginning my day with a smile!

  10. Kimberly Agzigian

    Tiffany you look lovely in your new hat! Hopefully you have some snow to go play in! I wish you and your fashion consultant many happy years together!

  11. Sullivan

    I’m sorry Mae, I gotta agree with Tiffany on this, at least on this particlar one. The idea is good, the color is great, the style . . . not so much! Our little furkids are so grand and so stylish and, you know how proud they are, that anything less than perfect is just not good enough and believe me, Tiffany is one grand little lady, she is really beautiful.


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