Reported by: Sean Carroll, 13WHAM

Pittsford, N.Y. — A social media campaign to find a six year-old Sheltie named “Meggie” came to a happy end Friday morning.  The dog went missing on July 1st after running away from a dog-sitter while her owners were out of the country on vacation.

Months of tracking and Meggie across towns on the east side of Rochester culminated in her capture around 3:30 a.m. at a home in Penfield Gardens according to Meggie’s owners.

13WHAM News was provided video of her capture on the porch of that home.  The homeowners, who wish to remain anonymous, spent weeks working with Meggie’s owners to lure her into the trap.  Motion-activated cameras revealed Meggie was in the area since mid-February.  A feeding station in the backyard eventually lured her to the trap.

“They covered the side porch with chicken wire and devised a gate that would drop down very fast,” said Meggie’s owner Jenny Lloyd.  “The homeowner had to press the button because he was looking at the screen.”

“She went on the porch and he was watching with the camera,” added Connie Gates, Meggie’s other owner.  “Everything went as it was supposed to.”

A Facebook Page called “Meggie – Lost Dog – Rochester, NY Area” was used to track and detail the exhaustive search for her.  The page generated more than a thousand followers and each day Meggie’s owners heard from people wishing them the best and vowing to keep their eyes peeled for Meggie.

“We had people who would call and say I’m on the road for my job and if there’s anything I can do to help you, I’m watching for her all the time,” said Connie Gates.  The couple also notified area school bus drivers, letter carriers, and sanitation workers.  Some of them even called in tips.

A local animal control officer who also works with the New York State Wildlife Rehabilitation Council volunteered many hours in this search.  She knew from the start that capturing Meggie would not be easy.

“They (Sheltie’s) are bred to be herding dogs they come out of the shoot smart as smart as smart IQs so I wasn’t surprised by any of that stuff that she was doing,” Barbara Acomb-Hollands said.  “They’re also an extremely difficult breed to box trap because they don’t like to go into small, ‘tunnel-ley’ areas.”

Within an hour of her capture Meggie was with her owners and on her way home.  She appeared to recognize the garage, home, and backyard.  She quickly re-introduced herself to Jessie, a ten year-old Sheltie who often acts as the attention-grabbing “big sister” to Meggie.

“She’s been sticking to me like glue since she got home,” Connie Gates said.  “She’s tired, she is tired I see that.”

Considering all she’s been through, Meggie is in good health but did spend Friday afternoon with her veterinarian.

“It is truly amazing how good people have been and how many people have been willing to help,” said Jenny Lloyd.  “Oh it’s wonderful it’s just amazing, I still can’t hardly believe it.”


12 Responses to “Sheltie Missing Since July 1st Found Friday”

  1. Steve

    Wow! Talk about incredible luck and good fortune for both the Sheltie and the owners! Glad they’ve been reunited! Kudo’s to everyone that helped make it happen!

  2. jack (chewys') and (repunzel's) dad

    what a beautiful ending to a story! my heart jumped when I saw that they had got her back to her owner!

  3. Zoey's dad

    Just unbelievable! I can only imagine how elated Meggie’s owners are after nine months of worrying. The folks that took the time and effort to set up the trap are amazing!

  4. jo

    WOW this is a great story! Meggie’s owners never gave up on her, her community actively searched for her, and the people who made the trap are rock stars in my book. Just wonderful, heartwarming, it’s so nice to see a lost Sheltie get home after such a long time. Cheers for Meggie & everyone who helped her get home!

  5. Michele

    What an amazing story with the best outcome. Somehow Meggie kept herself alive for 9 months & was led to just the right house to be captured & rescued. It is good to know thee are so many good, caring people out there that helped with the reunion of Meggie. Bless each one.

    SN, thank you for posting this story & video. It made my morning.

  6. nancy morgan

    Wonderful story. I am so happy for the owners. I have three shelties and I would real hate if this happened to any one of them. They are all like precious children and your best friend……. I recently had a minor surgery and spent two days in bed recovering. My youngest and most faithful little sheltie lay beside me for the two days. This is quite difficult for a sheltie who is not yet a year old and just loves to run and fetch and never sit still!
    Shelties are wonderful doggies.
    What a true companion.
    Nancy Morgan

  7. Judy

    I can only imagine how wonderful Meggie’s family feels about her safe return. Their hearts must be full of joy. And the wonderful people who went above & beyond to capture her are amazing.Seems like a lot of great people made efforts to get Meggie back home. Restores my faith in humanity.

  8. Francine

    God bless everyone involved in this delicate matter. So happy to hear that she is back home with her family.

  9. Sullivan

    WAHOO, GREAT news for Meggie. At times like this, how do you even begin to express what is really in your heart for this beautiful soul and her pet parents? Kudo’s to the annoymous homeowner that did such a fantasic job with the “porch trap”, looked kind of like Meggie was “adopting ” a new home. Of course Meggie was scared out of her mind, not knowing that she was once again getting ready to fall in the lap of luxury. No more fending for and scrounging for food, she must have been so frightened. Congratulations Mamma on your baby coming home.

  10. Elizabeth

    Just watched the WHAM 13 video — It doesn’t get much better than this! My heart is ‘kvelling’ for all the many, many people involved — Beginning with the owners [though not sure Shelties recognize the concept of ‘ownership’ when it comes to them personally] — All they did and their determination not to give up and ALL of the people who then watched and helped them.

    The anonymous person/family/couple who ‘caught’ Meggie rigged their property so that a motion detector alerted them to her presence on their porch/property, and then they were awakened at 3:30 AM so that one of them could push the button to trigger dropping the gate on the enclosure they had taken the time and effort to set up for a stranger’s dog.

    And Meggie looks so great after her winter long travails!

  11. Nickie Clifford (Amanda's mom)

    Such an incredibly heartwarming story – thank God for the positive resolution. This is our family’s biggest fear regarding Amanda- we live on a bit of acreage – and due to neighborhood CC&R’s we can’t entirely fence our yard. We simply will not leave her with a pet-sitter because of this – our son is the only one we wholy trust with her care. So very happy matters turned-out well for Meggie and her family – and much kudos to the kind people who made her rescue possible.


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