Mollie and Rocky: “Thanks for making us a path Dad! Whee!”


Looks like they love it, Denise! :)

8 Responses to “Sheltie Slalom!”

  1. Susan

    All you needed was a sled to hook to them and you could have gone for the ride of your life!

  2. Ann

    Looks like they are having a blast! Unfortunately, my shelties have never seen the snow, here in Florida….Maybe one day, they will make a trip back up North to my old stomping grounds in Illinois. They would see a lot of it there.

  3. Karen Harlan Goforth

    We did the same thing for our sheltie, Stacy, after a blizzard in 1980. The only thing you could see when she was walking in her path, was the tip of her ears and 1/2 of her tail.

  4. Deb & Scott

    We are the only ones in our neighborhood who actually snowblow our lawn for our 4 shelties. Figure 8’s all over the place….let them run!!
    Your two are very cute and look happy on their paths.

  5. Justme

    I always maintained an extensive winter trail system for my boy too. It felt so good to see my boy happily trotting down the trail, while less fortunate doggies had to struggle through the snow.

  6. jo

    There are two happy shelties. They have their favorite things-the outdoors, a lot of snow, and a long tunnel to run amok in. Their faces say it all, ‘this is FUN, let’s run it again-and again-and again.’

  7. Gloria

    Mollie and Rocky,
    Are you lucky dogs to have a dad that would provid you with such a nice wide path to run and get your business done too! Ha!
    Cute photo too… thanks for sharing…

  8. Sullivan

    Ah-h-h, what a good furdaddy you are. Mollie and Rocky sure do make a right smart, handsome couple, and looking like (as with most Shelties), they are lovinig the snow. Although this might be a bit over-kill, so again, thanks Dad for braving the elements to make it comfortable for the babies, we know they certainly appreciate it.


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