I caught Lulu and Linus having a quiet moment on the park bench last weekend.
I guess they are too civilized for grass?
Was it the head or the tail that gave them away, Valerie? :)

12 Responses to “Shelties Who Think They’re Hiding”

  1. Jenni

    Linus and Lulu are super special and way too pretty to be laying in the grass. Shea says Hi!! We need to get all the Sheltie friends together again.

    • Valerie

      Hi Jenni and Shea! We miss you! We need to have a sheltie get together soon.

  2. Jan hunter

    The shelties seem to have a great view! I just wish we could see more of THEM!! Okay, boys, we want to see your eyes and your entire head next time.

  3. abigail

    its a lovely picture i love all dogs and think they all have their own characters
    in different ways.


  4. Ann

    How adorable those two are! Sure looks like they are enjoying a nice day and view on the bench.

  5. Sue Cox

    This comment is for Sheltie Nation in general; not only are you sharing photos of beautiful Shelties but also the countryside, in future posts can you add city, state to picture comments?? Thanks.

  6. Sullivan

    Valerie, of course a Sheltie is too civilized for the grass. After all, they know they are NOT dogs and assume that we know that too. From what I can see through the bench these two beautiful furbabies are MUCH too dignified for the ground anyway, that is too far beneath them! Glad to see them out sunning and enjoying the view.


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