Matilda catches a nap between school bus runs.

Don’t you know barking at school buses is hard work?


Of course it is, Pat! :)

7 Responses to “A Snooze Between Rounds”

  1. Pat Monday

    Thanks for all of the kind messages about Matilda. In many ways she looks like a really pretty sock puppet in this picture! LOL

  2. jo

    Matilda, are you pooped out from all your hard work? Take a break & get some rest, cause that bus will be back before you know it!

    She sure has pretty colors & markings :)

  3. Bill

    A cutie that loves to chase and he is a cutie for sure. Mine can’t wait to bark at the school buses. UPS man too.

  4. Ann

    Another sheltie doing some herding. Good job! Matilda sure is a cutie. My Jonesy wants to chase anything on wheels. They would make a good pair.

  5. Tina

    Aaawww, what a cutie! Being on alert for such things like the school bus is hard work. I love Matilda’s coat and colors!!!

  6. Sullivan

    Poor baby, it takes a lot out of a girl to do the job right and make it look so easy. Pat, she sure is a pretty girl and I love the little white half blaze on the top of her head. Good job Matilda, well done.


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