Krypto, you are oh so patient with your silly humans. :)krypto

What a look, Julie. Time for a cookie!

7 Responses to “Anyone see my eye glasses?”

  1. Tina

    Now that’s one scholarly sheltie!! I love Krypto’s coloring.. he’s absolutely stunning!!

  2. Leslie

    Either Krypto has misplaced the comic section of the newspaper, or he’s going to break into a Buddy Holly medley. Handsome boy!!

  3. jo

    Krypto, I hope your library book isn’t overdue again. They charged a hefty late fee for that copy of Bob, Son of Battle.

  4. Bobbie

    He is stunning! Looks very erudite. My sheltie boy, Teddy, seems to actually enjoy wearing my reading glasses!

  5. Joan

    I just love the “Sheltie look” when we do something out of the ordinary to or with them—–“Good thing you’re the one that feeds me, give me treats and loves me or things could get ugly real quick”. Of course that is when they get an extra hug.

  6. Sullivan

    I LOVE THAT FACE!! Julie, what an absolutely stunning blue Krypto is, his markings are striking. It is a good thing our furbabies are so patient with their humans, they let us get away with just about anything . . . thank heaven unconditional love works both ways. Lots of hugs and kisses being sent to your boy.


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