When we went out for the evening, we left our kids, Little Miss, Skipper Boy and Sister Sue, watching TV.  

I think they got bored…


Well what channel did you have on, Ginny?  LOL

8 Responses to “Don’t worry, we will watch the house.”

  1. Gerry

    This is what happens when the Animal Planet Too Cute show is about CATS instead of dogs. BORING!

  2. Dianne

    I always leave the TV or radio on for Kelly when we go out…Yes I wonder too, what goes on when we are gone! What we don,t do for our little furry babies !! haha

  3. Sandra

    Hmmm – don’t we wish we had cameras to see what they all do while we are away.
    Love it!

  4. Tina

    This is so sweet. They are in such a deep sleep. My sheltie looked like this Easter night since he didn’t have a chance to get a daytime nap. Great shot, Ginny! :)

  5. Gloria

    My, my, don’t they look comfy on the sofa! Looks like mine!
    I am sure they would have been awakened had anyone tired to get in the house. Shelties are the best watch dogs as we all know.
    Too cute…


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