14 Responses to “Going, going, gone!”

  1. Mare plus three

    Macy really knows how to work the camera. She is so beautiful and so funny at the same time. I’m so glad she has got such a great home

  2. Aria's Mommy

    She is beautiful! may she fill your life with little moments that steal your heart!!

  3. Debbie Gilbert

    That’s one of the funniest pictures I’ve seen in a long time. Really brightened my day!

  4. Casey Quinn

    Adorable! What a sweetie! We have two beautiful rescue Shelties and we love them to the moon and back!

  5. Leslie

    Posing for pictures sure takes a lot out of a beautiful girl! What a sweet face!! Lots more photos to come I hope!

  6. Bobbie

    OMG, Macy is just about the most adorable, relaxed little sheltie I’ve ever seen! Have a wonderful new life, sweet girl!

  7. Sandra

    What a beautiful lady she is! Such great colors and she sure looks glad to be at her new home! We do lov our shelties for sure, my Cody just turned 3 yesterday!
    Bless you for adopting Ms. Macy! How old is she?

  8. jo

    Oh what a cutie pie Macy is! So glad she’s been adopted to her forever home now.

  9. Aus sheltie mum

    Truly in relaxed mode in her new loving home:) hugs for adopting such a sweet little thing

  10. Sullivan

    WOW, what a little stunner she is! Congratulations to Macy for picking Christine to be her furmommy. With those cute little stand up ears and napping on the stairs Macy is making sure nothing gets by her. Such a sweet looking little girl. Hoping you and your baby have lots of long, happy fun-filled years together.


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