B’Elanna, on right, is a retired breeder, currently available for adoption through Kansas City Sheltie Rescue.

Recently reunited with one of her puppies, Ariel on left, who is owned by one of the KC Sheltie Rescue volunteers.


Check out B’Elanna’s profile to learn more and to put in an application to adopt this cutie!

6 Responses to “Ja Miss Me, Ma?”

  1. Barb Miller

    She’s a beautiful Sheltie girl …hope she finds a forever home soon!

  2. Dianne

    If I could take her,I would not hesitate for a second..They are so adorable… How can anyone resist ! Please let us know when she finds her perfecto loving home!

  3. sharon

    Gosh what a sweet face this girl has. No more churning out litters for her thank goodness. Hope someone can open their heart up to this little lady and adopt her soon. She sounds like a gem.

  4. Holly

    We recently acquired a “retired’ female from a breeder. Shay’s story is a little different. The breeder let her have one litter and could see that her very timid temperament had been passed on and being a responsible breeder had her spayed. I had been in touch with her regarding acquiring a puppy and she told me when she was expecting another litter and happened to mention Shay to me. There is just my husband and myself now and that was the environment she needed. She is four years old and we have had her since December 2012 and have no regrets, can’t imagine our home without her now. The breeder is also happy knowing she found Shay the perfect home.

  5. jack (chewys') and (repunzel's) dad

    what cuties both! whoever adopts that little Lady will be blessed many times over! Iwish I could, but I have all I can.

  6. Francine

    I hope B’Elanna gets some much needed rest and is healthy. She is precious and needs a quiet loving home that will be all about HER….I wish that I could take her home. Keep us updated with photo’s.


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