12 Responses to “Man, That Cadbury Sheltie was Difficult to Work With”

  1. denise

    This is a truly a wonderful capture. His expression says it all.

    Jackson so does not want to be any part of the Happy Easter experience!

    ps I do hope he got some treats for being such a good sport. This handsome boy does not look happy.

  2. Michele

    Jackson you are so cute, but you sure showed your displeasure at having to sit through this photo session! I LOL pretty loudly when I saw this picture! You made my morning.

  3. Donna

    I have a beautiful sable girl that is in love with you. She could share her Easter treats with you.

  4. Ann

    I will take the cadbury sheltie any day instead of the bunny…What a cutie Jackson is and an angel for putting up with the pose….LOL….

  5. John Bronnenberg

    Patrick, you have a very special Sheltie there, you must have bribed Jackson with alot of cookies. He is being such a good sport about it, there is no way any of my 4 would tolerate that, Jackson is beautiful, by the way. Thanks for shareing

  6. Rachel

    I’ll take a Easter Sheltie over the Easter Beagle anyday! Jackson is so handsome! :-)

  7. Jan hunter

    What a handsome Easter sheltie bunny. I can not say I blame him being upset having to wear those bunny ears when his own are so much more attractive! He is a handsome boy even though he feels silly all dressed up as a bunny. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Francine

    Sure hope that Jackson got a super-sized cookie for this!

    He is quite handsome and obliging. ;)

  9. Sullivan

    Oh-h-h Jackson, that is some serious case of stinkeye you have aimed at the camera! However, whatever ANY one tells you, you are still a very manly man, and so handsome. (We have to built his self esteem back up!) All kidding aside Patrick, Jackson is a very nice looking gentleman, my furbaby (now at the Rainbow Bridge) was this same color and it has always been my favorite. Happy Easter Jackson and I bet there’s a treat or two in the basket with your name on it. Hope everyone’s Easter was a happy one.


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