10 Responses to “THE Only Reason I’m Glad Winter is Over!”

  1. Tina

    Beautiful! This looks like a professional shot and would make a perfect Christmas card!!

  2. denise

    She is an extremely beautiful girl, with or without the hat. (great hat choice, by the way)

    Thanks for sharing Kinsey Marie with us.

    Her picture made me smile.

  3. Sheila Johnson

    We do have a great time together. And, she has two drawers full of hats!
    Today is a special day for us. Kinsey, along with two of our other Shelties, will be attending Hospice Compassus Children’s Grief camp today! We love camp! Kinsey, Charlie, and Tessa are all therapy dogs for Hospice Compassus.

  4. Bobbie

    She still manages to look very noble and dignified, despite the hat. She’s a beauty!

  5. Sullivan

    Oh Shelia, this beautiful baby is giving you such a case of stink eye. I’m still LOL, Kinsey Marie might not be happy about the hat, but she has sure entertained us this day. Please be sure there is an extra cookie in the bowl tonight!

    Having said that, she is absolutely stunning, such a beautiful coat and coloring. I know you will have many years of fun and laughter with your little heart-furbaby.


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