10 Responses to “A’scuse Me, We Play Now?”

  1. Nickie Clifford (Amanda's mom)

    LOVE the title! Immediately caught my eye. Penny Lane (wonderful, whimsical name!) is an adorable little girl – how familiar are we all with the expectant ‘come play with me’ posture?;)

  2. Gloria

    Gosh… do we know this look well!
    How sweetly Penny Lane is asking to play.
    Just LOVE that face and sweet expression… melt my heart!!!
    You are one lucky gal Melissa to have Penny Lane.

    Once again, Kelly… your titles are exceptional…A’scuse Me, We Play Now?

    So very creative… Thanks for sharing

  3. Ann

    Penny Lane is so cute that even Santa doesn’t mind being carried around by her…LOL….

  4. Jan Hunter

    Wow! Penny Lane is stunning. I love her ears and her locks hanging down. She is one lovely sheltie and I know she is fun to play with. She also has a delightful name. Enjoy your beauty.

  5. Tina

    What a beautiful girl Penny Lane is. She is so sweet and I love her long hair!!! What a wonderful name, too!! :)

  6. jo

    I will play tug with you anytime Penny Lane. What a pretty girl you are, I will overlook that it seems you are planning to play tug with Santa Claus in this picture. I like Shelties better than Santa anyway!

  7. Sullivan

    What a sweetheart Melisssa, wtih that blonde hair falling forward over the ears, Miss Penny Lane kinda gots a lion look goin on! I see more fun than a little bit in those soulful little eyes. She has a very pretty coat and beautiful coloring. Hoping you’re having lots of fun with your furbaby.


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