Little Love came here from a kill shelter on March 31, 2012.  She had over 100 ticks, severe anemia, and a very dubious future. The vet aged her at fifteen. As it’s been over a year, today we are celebrating her Sweet Sixteen! She takes meds and appropriate supplements for liver and kidneys…but is otherwise happy as a clam. Please join us in jubilation!

Hugs to you Eva for helping these senior dogs through the
Sheltie Rescue Alternative!

23 Responses to “C’mon Get Happy!”

  1. jo

    Little Love is adorable! I love her big smile and hope she enjoys lots more happy birthdays in the future.

  2. Maida Farrar

    Little Love, what a great name for you. You are definitely a little love. Happy, happy 16th birthday, little sweetheart. I am so happy for you and your loving mom. Two of my older Shelties I rescued also lived to be over 16! You sweeties are just the best little presents from God.

  3. Michele

    What a doll! Little Love is soooooo cute! Happy 16th Birthday precious one!!!

    Thank you Eva & your Sheltie Rescue for saving this senior girl. You took her from her former life of “hell” to a “life of heaven”. Bless you all. Eva looks like one happy little Sheltie. Her story touched my heart. :-)

  4. Francine

    Happy 16th Birthday Sweetheart ! May God keep you in his constant care.

  5. Lois

    Happy Birthday baby….Sweet Sixteen…..I pray I get to enjoy my baby’s at that age…not sure.
    love to you and all your family……..

  6. Shirlee

    Thank you for helping this beautiful lady and for bringing a smile to my face this morning :-)

  7. P. Price

    This is what pet rescue is all about, especially with older pets. Helping to make whatever time they have left the best that you can brings so many rewards & that wonderful Sheltie smile says so much. The hurdles of a rescue can be difficult during the first days & weeks, but gradually a loving, happy dog starts to emerge & they end up doing what all dogs do best, they give back more than they receive. Definitely Sweet Sixteen!

  8. Holly

    Is that a Sheltie grin or what? What a beautiful old girl. Thank you for saving her.

  9. Sandra

    The Happiest of Birthdays to that sweetie! You are angel for saving her and giving her lots and lots of love! God bless you!

  10. Lynn Thibodeau

    What a beautiful girl! Thanks to all those who give these awesome dogs a second chance!

  11. Bobbie

    Happy sweet sixteen, Little Love! How wonderful to see you here on Sheltie Nation for your sweet day :) Rock on, sweet girl!

  12. Sheila Johnson

    I have a special place in my heart for seniors. Her story proves that they still have the fight to live and enjoy life! God Bless her and everyone involved in her story.

  13. Ann

    Little love sure is adorable. What a sweet face. I am sure she is so grateful that you have given her a lot of love.

  14. Paige Thomas

    That is too precious. She is definitely a Sweet Sixteen, and yes, I am happy someone saved her and brought her home.

  15. Gloria

    Bless you many times for the rescue of little Love!
    What a touching story. Many blessings and
    Good wishes to little Love on her B-day!
    What a lucky dog she is finding you to
    Love and care for her! Thank you for sharing
    her story with us. Yes, there is hope for seniors!

  16. Kimberly Agzigian


    Thank you for starting Sheltie Rescue Alternative. It is wonderful that Little Love and her fellow rescues have found a safe, loving place while they await their furever homes. Bless you for saving their precious lives!


  17. Sullivan

    WOW! Just look at that big Sheltie smile this sexy little lady is gracing us all with today, it sure is a great start to my day . . . and I love the sparkle in Little Love’s eyes. Man of man, I sure hope I look this good when I reach 16! WOO-WOO, way to go Eva for a !! Great !! job well done. Please give Little Love and extra birthday hug and kiss (or two) from me. Happy thoughts for you and all you help to make it through.

  18. Elizabeth

    I wish you the sweetest of sweet sixteens! You are too cute Little Love!!!! And I am in jubilee with you today sweet heart.


  19. Tabitha

    OOh! How I love seniors! Thank you Eva for saving such a sweet little girl!


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