Riley and Murphy are cooling off in the pool.

Hugs to you for adopting these two cuties, Jannelle!

9 Responses to “Delicious floating morsels!”

  1. Jannelle

    Thanks everyone! They really are the coolest boys around in our neighborhood and we definitely love them for their silly selves! We usually also have our rescued cat get in the pool with them, but he didn’t make it in this shot! :)

  2. Tina

    I really needed this on a Monday morning!! :) I love it… look at the glee on Murphy’s face and we have Riley just soaking it all in! Life is grand!! These babies are too adorable!!! Great shot, Jannelle.

  3. Bobbie

    What a couple of cool cats–er shelties! Hugs to you for adopting!

  4. Ann

    Riley and Murphy sure look like they are having a blast! Enjoy these two cuties!

  5. Sandra

    Oh that made my Monday all the better! They are soooooooo cute.
    I can just see my Cody doing this now – he is NOT a fan of the water but hey it’s worth the try,
    Again, thanks for making this rainy day a little more like sunshine!

  6. jo

    So I log in to get my daily Sheltie of the Day fix, and what do I see? Two of the cutest, silliest Shelties ever! I am cracking up, the goggles really complete the bathing beauties image. Soooo cute Jannelle, thanks for submitting an adorable pic.

  7. Sullivan

    Jannelle, what CUTE sunbathers you have, I think every pool should have 2 or 3 just to enhance the scenery. How much more privilaged could you get, your own swimming pool inside the “big” pool? Riley and Murphy are both beautiful, as Kelly said . . . good for you for adopting these babies. They know and understand that their lives have just taken a turn for the better and know that they are in for “the life of Riley”! Pardon the pun! Enjoy many years with these 2.


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