If you venture into the forest and sit quietly by the stream, a cute Sheltie puppy just might appear.


Isn’t fun watching Miles grow up, Shay? ;)

11 Responses to “Enchanted Sheltie Forest?”

  1. Bobbie

    OMG! I’d LOVE to come across that little enchanting darling in the forest! Lucky you!

  2. Shay Kelly

    Hi Guys!! Thanks so much for the sweet comments about my little fella :) I just love him to pieces. The stream is down at the end of my street here in Charlotte, NC. He loves to play with his brother (Batman the CAT) in the stream – they just chase each other splashing around and such ha-ha :)

    Have a great day!! Shay Kelly

  3. Tina

    Puppies melt my heart! Miles is adorable and I love this markings!! Beautiful photo, Shay!!

  4. jo

    I am going now to sit quietly beside a stream. I will pray an adorable little Sheltie appears. Miles is so cute, and I’m sure he’s going to grow into a very handsome Sheltie with his markings.

  5. Terry

    I am in love. What a sweetie Miles is. Enjoy him! As I am sure you have.

  6. Cheryl

    Oh my. I’d be waiting forever at a stream for a puppy as adorable as Miles.

  7. Sullivan

    Oh Shay, what a little love you have. Miles is so handsome, thank you for sharing. I want to know where that stream is, and were you lucky enough to get more than one? I would love a find like that, maybe, just maybe, one would adopt and take me home. I think I could handle a few (dozen!) hugs and snuggles from this little love.


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