Eva, you win!


What a cutie, Rosie!

12 Responses to “Head Games”

  1. Nickie Clifford (Amanda's mom)

    Rosie, I’m a big fan of Eva’s from ‘her’ blog. She’s precious and reminds me so much of my Sheltie ‘Angel’ – Shugerr. Happy to see her sweet-face on ‘The Nation’:)

  2. jo

    Oh I see a cookie alert! Eva is so cute, with her 1 tipped ear, her lovely coloring, and her oh so serious expression. She looks like she needs a long walk in park then lots of treats.

  3. Christine

    How could anyone refuse those eyes? She is adorable. Love her ears.

  4. denise

    Wonderful picture, gorgeous sheltie!

    Thanks for sharing Eva with us this Monday morning.

  5. Tina

    What a beauty!! I love the tipped ear! I could not deny this cutie anything!!!

  6. Sullivan

    I believe we have a guilt trip of the highest kind in the making here! LOL Eva pretty much has the stinkeye down pat and is NOT afraid to use it. On the plus side, she is a little beauty Rosie, how could you possible ignore that face for very long, please momma? I need/want it now!


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