7 Responses to “Hey Buster, Maybe A Breath Mint?”

  1. Holly

    Yup agree with all the above comments. Lucy our sheltie who has now passed learned to tolerate a terrier that our daughter brought home in Grade 8. Both Lucy and Missy are gone now, but they were great companions.

  2. jo

    Miah is trying to give Buster the stinkeye, but I doubt Buster cares. They are both so cute. Nice pic!

  3. Sullivan

    LOL Jim, I’ve seen this exact same picture when my Angel was still with me. My daughter also had a Yorkie and my Bambi DID NOT like him up in her face either, so I can certainly sympathize with poor Miah. Just tell Miah there will be an extra cookie for dessert tonight, that will calm her right down. Even with that “evil, back-off” look, she still looks like a sweetheart.


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