9 Responses to “Hey, What’cha Readin’?”

  1. Pat Monday

    Tabitha, thanks for the reply. F-kap it is! Very funny, much cooler that Prince.

  2. jo

    He has combined the zoomies with reading to create a new super-fast speed reading technique! He read the whole stack in one hour. F-Cap is very handsome too.

  3. Pat Monday

    F-cap is thinking, “Okay, now what do you want me to read?”

    One of Matilda’s puppy trainers told me that while most dogs have to attend puppy school, you can just give shelties the manual and have them read it.

    Funny, and somewhat true!

    I am curious about the name. Is it really F-Cap?

    • Tabitha

      Kelly actually misspelled his name, its F-kap with a K not a C. When I was little we had his Grandfather F-kap Sr, his first owners named him Prince, but when my dad’s cousin got him he couldn’t stand to have a dog with such a ‘girly’ name (I happen to like Prince). So he named him Formally Known As Prince, or F-kap. To most people is sounds funny, but to me it very normal, I’ve herd the name almost all of my life :).

  4. Barb Miller

    Awww …what a cutie and what a smart Sheltie – good reading material!


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