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  1. Tabitha

    It sickens me to know that so many wonderful little lives have been scared, and yet these people will be able to have dogs in just 2 years. This very well may be something repeated. For ANYTHING like this to happen is horrible, but for it to be SHELTIES, a dog that will give you its everything and more countless times, there is no words to describe it. I’m very happy that these shelties were saved, but did you catch “most of the dogs found new homes”. Meaning not all survived. Let us all hope and pray this never happens again.
    All my shelties are getting extra hugs today.

    • Gloria

      Yes, I did read they can not have dogs for only two years!

      The LAWS MUST be CHANGED, in ALL States, to not allow anyone who harms an animal or child can not own an animal for their lifetime!

      Especially anyone who is known to be hording. Yes, this is an illness that needs treatment. However, the animals should never become the victim as well. We must save these people from themselves and never allow it to happen again no matter what the breed of dog, cat, bird, etc.

      My boys got extra hugs and kisses yesterday too!

      Please report any hording to the authorities and to the media if necessary to expose and free animal in need.

  2. Lynne Leimberg

    Julie truly is a one in a million humanitarian. She not only founder tri state but has fought against puppy mills along with the Brooklyn Da, found homes for hundred of our fur babies in a very short time and has taken in more Shelties than I can even count. This woman does it all with volunteers and monies from our fellow animal lovers. Please if anyone deserves a donation this woman does and you can be assured that everything goes for the health and welfare of our little Shelties. It doesn’t take much, and with her email and Paypal your done. Anyone amount is good. Let all show Julie how much we appreciate all her work and worry for our babies.
    I am saying this from the bottom of my heart, and I only know a small portion of what she does, but what I do know is how much she cares and gives. She has sacrificed a lot for our babies, so please help and donate. Love you Julie and Tri State Rescue, and every rescue for all you do. Also this Shelties are never put anywhere but in someone’s home and when your rescuing 100 dogs at a time that is. To easy!!! But that’s our Julie????

  3. Bobbie

    Thanks so much, Kelly, for posting this! I’m a supporter of this rescue and followed their steadfast efforts for over a year. They have not gotten enough recognition for what they did, so THANKS for posting! And yes, I’m hugging and kissing my two rescued shelties :)

  4. P. Price

    It’s hard to find words to describe your emotions when you see something like this & even more difficult to understand the reasons pet hoarders do it. That so many of the Shelties didn’t have severe health issues is a miracle in itself & it’s comforting to know they are now with people who will love them & help them learn to be the happy, wonderful dogs that Shelties are. A lot of angels went to bat for these dogs & they’ve all earned my deep respect & admiration for their perserverance. To all of them, on behalf of Sheltie lovers everywhere, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  5. Holly

    Definitely brought tears to my eyes. People like this are genuinely mentally ill. So hard when you hear and see stories about your favourite breed being mistreated. Thank goodness for these angels who walk among us and do this wonderful wonderful work and save these precious animals. Well done to all of you!

  6. jo

    Wow, I’m feeling a mixture of emotions after watching that video. Anger at the hoarders, sadness for the mistreated dogs, and joy at their eventual rescue & placement in loving homes. The before & after shots are stunning. What a difference!

    This is why all our shelties are from rescue, and this video reinforces that for me.

  7. Aus sheltie mum

    I did hug my 2 gorgeous boys xoxo It really was hard to watch this and see the cruel conditions these poor puppies were subjected to, but seeing their happy little faces and watching them play fight together is awesome. Bless those involved in the rescue and adoption of these lovely lovely dogs.

  8. Gloria

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kelly for posting this and giving another great title… Hug your sheltie!

    I donate to this rescue and I am so grateful for their efforts. Thank God there are people out there who will make the extra effort to help shelties in desperate need of their care.

    It is hard to watch… it made me cry… the ending makes your heart soar knowing the positive result.

    Thanks to all that work in rescues, or donate, and those who adopt… life is better with you in our world.

    Bless ALL of YOU and your little sheltie friends.

  9. Sullivan

    I cannot begin to imagine the “to the bone” fear these awesome little furbabies must have felt. Being touched and picked up by humans for the first time in their lives must have been a paralyzinig experience. This is the 3rd time I have seen this video and I cry every time. How anyone on God’s green earth can torture and terrorize these animals, or any others in any manner, is beyond my comprehension. All they ask for is a few bites to eat a day and a warm, safe place to sleep, heck they don’t even ask for your love but you can be sure they will take all you give them and give it back 10 fold. I truly thank the powers that be that were able to save these sweet souls and bring them into the world they so richly deserve. THANK YOU ALL SHELTIE RESCUES AND RESCURERS.

    Sullivan, Florida


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