OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACould Marble be any cuter?

He is a Blue Merle who actually started life as a show dog. Unfortunately, after some early success, he became a neglected member of a hoarder’s home. He is now 6 years old and has lots of energy, but because of his neglect, Marble needs some house training and some help in focusing his energy. He may be best suited to an active home where he can get lots of exercise, focused attention and the patient training. Training will be particularly challenging for Marble because we believe that he is mostly deaf. In his foster home, Marble has gotten along with all the other dogs and has been friendly with all the people he has met. He is competitive at feeding time so this will need to be managed if he is placed in a home with other dogs.

Marble has been heartworm and Lyme tested and is up to date on all vaccinations. He will be neutered and microchipped before being adopted. A fenced yard is required for Marble. If you are interested, please email [email protected].

Tri-State Sheltie Rescue has many other dogs available for adoption. Click this link to see more cuties!

Update: Marble has been adopted!

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  1. Thomas Zajicek JR.

    I see my father already posted, but I will make a small blurb about Marble as well. Marble stayed with me on the third of July, and officially became my son on the 8th. I have had horrible luck with male dogs in the past and told myself i would not adopt a male dog, but how could you say no to a face like that! Marble the first few days was a bit shy, but even on the first night he hopped right into bed. After about a week his tail started wagging when we came home after work, and at night he now like to lay right up by my side. With the short time he has been with me, he has already made a difference in my life :)!

  2. Tom Zajicek

    Your right, he can’t get any cuter and he is a good boy too! I know because my son adopted him and lives in my house so we see alot of him. What a cuddlier he is. He transitioned quickly and follows my wife everywhere. The deafness poses a little bit of a challenge my really not too bad. He is an absolutely beautiful dog. The story behind how we got his is this. My wife and I put on an annual pet show for our local carnival. This year, the foster Mom, Amy bought her whole group of Shelties, 10 in all. Marble was one of them. My son had been house setting for some border collies and really liked them. I called him and he came down to the fair and fell in love with them all. We kept in contact with Amy and we “borrowed” Marble over the 4th of July holiday so see how he would get along with our cats and our other, much smaller Shih tzu-Maltese. He did well over those first few days. He travels well and is a pleasure to walk with. No pulling what so-ever. He is well mannered. We love him!

  3. sharon

    No, Marble couldn’t be any cuter. Hopefully this posting will inspire some lucky person to bring him home and love him forever. Fingers crossed it happens soon.

  4. Ann

    Marbles is adorable. He reminds me of my blue merle, Molly who passed away three years ago…I know he will find his forever home where he will get the training and love that he deserves….Abundant Blessings to you, Marbles.


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