7 Responses to “Remember when you asked “who would buy these things?””

  1. Tina

    Oh my gosh… this is too funny!!! The look on her face is hilarious!! Great photo and a beautiful furkid!!!

  2. Ann

    Myla looks adorable in her mouse ears….So we now know that a black, red and white hat with ears goes well with a beautiful tri-color sheltie…

  3. Marjorie

    Myla Moo is at Disney, she loves camping at Fort Wilderness, in the background is her Brother from another Mother..Mr. Chancee. Myla wore here ears proudly, Mr. Chancee, well not so much. They do love going to Fort Wilderness, they love the dog park and more then that they love riding the golf cart, cool breeze is super important.
    love the fur babies, 4 shelties in all..

  4. jo

    But is she tall enough to ride? Myla is one pretty girl, love her colors & markings.

  5. Sullivan

    Myla looks ready to ride, but who is the little cutie behind her? I am always amazed at just how much our furkids will put up with, and let us get away with, all in the name of love! LOL Myla is a real beaty, I love the markings and the coat color, she is a very striking furkid, (I won’t insult her by calling her a dog, because they know and we know that they are not dogs!!) Just try to convince a Sheltie it is a dog and you will get the stinkeye every time! Hope a good time was had by all.


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