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Sadie was found in a tree after Monday’s tornado that devastated Moore, OK.  She was taken to the Central Oklahoma Humane Society, where she got widespread attention after a photo of her looking forlorn was posted at Facebook, and people as far away as Texas and Michigan were prepared to foster the sweet, displaced Sheltie  until her family could be found.

Sadie’s family saw the photo and called the shelter. Once shelter staffers had her name, they called out “Sadie” and she perked right up, helping to confirm her identity while the family member was still on the phone.

sadine1Kyrie Malmberg wrote this morning, “My mom got her dog back. She cried when they brought Sadie out. It was amazing see her reunited with her four legged companion.”

Kyrie says Sadie is very happy to be back with her family and has not left the mother’s side.

9 Responses to “Reunited! Sheltie Found in Tree After Tornado is Back with Her Family.”

  1. P. Price

    A miracle for sure! Poor little girl. It was bad enough she was picked up & tossed around in that storm, but I can’t imagine what she felt when she found herself in a tree! It’s heartwarming to know someone found her & that she is with her family again.
    There aren’t enough ways to say thank you to the countless people who help displaced pets after a disaster. I live in Joplin & over 1,000 of our pets went through what Sadie did. While the news focuses on the human aspect of such a tragedy, in the background there are hundreds of people who work tirelessly to find injured & displaced pets who are trapped in the ruins of what was once their home & to reunite them with their families. All of us who are pet lovers worry about the pets who have been through such a tragedy as much as we worry about their people & of course, we want to help. Please contact your local Humane Society to ask what’s being done in your area to send aid to the pets who survived the Moore tornado. They can suggest the best way to make a donation to help all the other “Sadies” in Moore.

  2. jo

    Poor Sadie in the first picture, she looks traumatized! And so scared. And then to see her in loving arms, is wonderful.

  3. DougieMom

    So glad to hear of this happy ending! I loved the video of the woman finding her little schnauzer too. I can imagine how traumatized these animals were/are to go through that.

  4. Bella' Mom

    What a sad face. Must have been so scared. Glad it had a happy ending.

  5. Aus sheltie mum

    Such a sweet face. So glad you are back with your family Sadie. Stay safe xo

  6. Steve

    Talk about an incredibly lucky sheltie. So glad the family was able to reunite with poor Sadie after her tornado terror. So glad that Sadie appears to have escaped any serious injuries!

  7. Joan

    Oh the sadness on her face in the shelter picture. Breaks my heart. But the happiness is evident when she’s in her mom’s arms. I agree with Janet and Sullivan. Regarding the video of the on-air discovery of the elderly woman’s dog under the debris, the first time my jaw dropped but I played it over a couple times and cried each time.

  8. Sullivan

    I had the same thoughts as Janet, and watched with joy as another woman was reunited with her dog while she was being interviewed on live tv, fist shot in the air with a big WAHOO! I’m sending good thoughts and prayers for the people of this horrific tragedy. Good for Sadie, I hope we get to hear lots more of these good stories.

  9. janet

    Such a wonderful happy ending, I cried when I read it. As we watched the news this week of the horrible tornado one of my first thoughts was how many dogs would be displaced. It is great to see this sheltie back home.


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