9 Responses to “Sheltie Gator Wrestling?”

  1. Tina

    AHHHHHH! TOOO CUTE!!! I call mine ”teefies” and ”toofurs” :)

  2. Michele

    I’m still laughing over the captions! So cute! Looks like one relaxed little Sheltie! Is he a tri?

    I hope Sherlock is a perfect match for your family & I’m sure he will get as many blessings from you as he will be giving you. Thank you Sheltie Rescue of Utah & thank you Bobbie for adopting Sherlock. Bless you both.


  3. Danny's mommy

    Looks like Sherlock has got the alligator in a sheltie grip and will now do a roll on his back and fall asleep. Hey don’t alligators do that! Love your wittle teethies Sherlock! Scary. Hehehe

  4. Bobbie

    Ann, Sherlock was indeed the “winner” of that match! Despite the fact that he’s missing quite a few teefies (he’s a puppy mill rescue), he has no trouble destroying his toys :) Despite his terrible first 3 years of life, he’s a little pistol!

  5. jo

    Sherlock is killing that alligator! He’s a very cute boy, and he sure looks happy.

  6. Gloria

    What a cute picture… little Sherlock looks so pleased with himself!
    Thanks for adopting Bobbie. May you have many years together!
    Love the caption Kelly! Notice those fierce little teefies!

  7. Ann

    Sherlock and his buddy sure look like they are having fun… I am sure Sherlock is the winner in this match! May you have many happy years together.

  8. Sullivan

    Man oh man Bobbie, Sherlock sure would scare me with those “fierce little teefies”! Good thing you don’t let him off lease.

    What a handsome little man he is, from what I can see he looks to have a beautiful coat. Congratulations to you and him for finding each other. Wishing you many long years of happiness with your new companion, enjoy this baby. Oh, and one more thing . . . I’m jealous as all heck!! LOL


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