I adopted Lacey one week ago from a couple who could not keep her any longer due to health issues. After  7 days of adjusting she finally felt secure enough to get up on the couch with me to take a nap.  It was really hard for a her  to have to leave behind the dogs and folks who she had known since a puppy. She adjusting and we love her already!
laceysleepLucky you to get such a cutie, Beth!

14 Responses to “Sleeping Beauty”

  1. Laura

    Lacey adapted so fast; must be all that loving that you are giving her; Thank you for that!

  2. Dianne

    Thankyou for adopting Lacey..She is very pretty, and looks likes she is quite settled and happy in her new forever home..Bless you.!

  3. Ann

    I am so glad that Lacey found a loving and caring family to take care of her for the rest of her days. You are all so blessed. Thank goodness the prior family had the sense to find a good home for her. My little Misty was found roaming outside of a kill shelter. When I called to inquiry about their ad on the internet, she was already being transported to a Humane Society and I was calling them every day until she was medically ready for adoption a few weeks later. We are all so blessed to have these wonderful little angels in our lives.

  4. Pamela

    She is lovely! I know that feeling from when I got my Charlie… and it feels so good, doesn’t it? :)

  5. jo

    what a pretty girl she is! Another ditto to all the things already said above- we adopt all our dogs & it can be at times hard but so worth it, esp. when they finally relax & blossom into the awesome dogs we knew were hiding in them.

  6. Michele

    Beth, Lacey is beautiful & I’m so glad you have her. I cannot say any more than Sullivan & Gloria said. Ditto to their comments!!! :-)

  7. Tina

    This makes me so emotional. My heart aches for all the animals out there that are not loved like ours are. Lacey is precious!! Bless you Beth for everything you do for her!!!

  8. Janice Wolbach

    I got my sheltie Frado, this way almost. Saw an ad on craig’s list, paid $200. then 3 days later got a call asking if he could have him back. I said absolutely not. I tell him every day I love him to the moon + back, + I wouldn’t sell or give him away for all the $ in the world!!!

  9. Holly

    Very very sweet. So glad her former owners made such a wise choice. One can only wonder what is going through the dog’s mind. We had been in touch with a breeder looking to acquire a pup and ended up with a four year old spayed sable and white girl. Kelly had had her spayed as she was a very timid girl from the beginning and Kelly didn’t want to pass that on in her breeding. Shay is adjusting very well with just my husband and myself instead of being one of the ‘herd’ as Kelly calls them. Win-win situation.

  10. Gloria

    What a sweet picture.

    I know it must have been difficult for Lacey. However, she will be loved and cared for in her new forever home. We as humans can only imagine what our life would be like if we had to leave all we had known for years… it would be a hard adjustment.

    Thanks for caring for Lacey and making sure she has a new forever home that will appreciate her and care for all her needs. Adoption just make the heart full. Thanks for being there for Lacey… she looks so comfy on her sofa!

    • Deb (Mom of Piper)

      My Piper was found roaming the streets by a family member. The adjustment period was terrible for him. He was very anxious and had a hard time resting or relaxing for about two weeks. So, I’m glad your little Lacey is settling in. It’s heartbreaking to see them suffer. Lots of love and time will probably be the cure. Congrats on your new baby.

  11. Sullivan

    Congratulations to both you and Lacey, she is beautiful. I’m glad she is coming around to trusting you in such a short period of time. I can’t imagine what must go through these little furbabies minds when they are all of a sudden thrust into major life altering changes that they can’t begin to understand, how frightened they must be. Also kudo’s to her other “pet parents” that chose to put Lacey in a loving home instead of “sending her to the pound.” I wish both Lacey and your family a long happy future full of years of fun and companionship.


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